Looking for a Health Economist?

Do you want a health economist on your grant? Or would you like to collaborate with a health economist on an existing research project? There are a few things that would be helpful for us to know about your project, including your research question and design, and how you would like to see the economics incorporated into your proposal.

Fill out this short form and email it back to health-economics@unimelb.edu.au. We will provide you with feedback on your proposal and suggestions of potential health economists to involve in your grant or existing project.

We would also recommend attending our half-day short course on Incorporating Health Economics into Grant Proposals. This course provides an introduction on how and when health economics can be incorporated into research proposals, including guidance specific to grant applications. We also present an overview of the major Health Economics teams in Victoria and introduce their main areas of expertise.

The Health Economics Unit serves as the Health Economics arm of the Melbourne Clinical and Translational Science (MCATS) platform for researchers wanting support on their research. MCATS is a University of Melbourne initiative that aims to support the conduct of research by creating awareness and access to essential research methods in the areas of Biostatistics, Health Economics and Health Informatics. MCATS can help facilitate engagements across University of Melbourne, affiliated health services and medical research institutes.

Some of the services we provide through MCATS include help in the early stages of grant writing, consultations on cost and outcome measurements and delivery of in-house health economic courses. More information about MCATS is available here.

For information about the Health Economics Unit staff, visit our staff profiles page.

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