Employment Opportunities in Health Economics

Employment opportunities

Students specialising in health economics/economic evaluation can enhance their capabilities in taking up a senior or leadership roles in health across sectors of governments (e.g., health departments) as well as non-for-profit/non-government organisations (e.g.,  Red Cross, World Bank, World Health Organisation). Graduates can also work as a researcher at academic research institutions or as a consultant for industry (e.g., pharmaceutical companies, private health insurance companies). Many graduates from the health economics/economic evaluation stream have been recruited to work for these organisations. We anticipate the demand for well-trained health economics/economic evaluation health professionals will continue to grow in the future, associated with the aging population that requires initiatives, interventions and services in health promotion, prevention and health care.

Links to professional associations of health economics and health services research

Australian Health Economics Society

International Health Economics Association

Health Services Research Association of Australia & New Zealand

Academy Health

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