Our knowledge of public health strategy means we can work closely with people to shape research priorities and frame research questions to ensure the results are useful. We also work with clients to translate or generate research, engaging people to add meaning and value.

Guidelines for Best Practice

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Along with our experience developing recommendations for multiple systematic reviews, literature reviews and evidence summaries for research and policy purposes, we have substantial experience developing best-practice guidelines.

Through these collaborative projects we have applied and developed internationally recognised processes for grading evidence for the World Health Organisation, incorporated stakeholder views and needs into recommendations, and produced written and interactive guidance for practice.

Tailored evidence products

We work with the authors and publishers of Cochrane Public Health Group reviews to create targeted communications for a range of audiences, including health professionals, policy decision-makers and researchers. These tailored resources, such as one-page summaries and podcasts, are dissemination tools for applying evidence to decision-making. We also encourage review authors to consider health practitioners’ needs; the implications for practice and the language used in the review for example.

Examples of written information products include guidelines and reports targeted towards health promotion and public health practitioners and officers involved in health strategic planning: Planning for effective health promotion; Planning for Healthy Communities; Evidence-based Mental Health Promotion Resource; Evidence based recommendations to support policy and practice (for Qld Health).

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Framing research priorities and review questions

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Public Health Insight can provide support to clarify research objectives, scope and provide frameworks for bodies of work.

When evidence reviews are required to support policy and program development, we can offer support at the early stages of projects to ensure that research outputs work for you.

Developing Knowledge Translation Plans

Public Health Insight can work with your organisation to offer advice and support the development of knowledge translation strategic plans. We can help assess what is feasible and effective to implement including knowledge translation, knowledge translation and exchange, knowledge generation; push, pull, facilitating user-pull, exchange.

Knowledge Brokering

Many policy or program decision-makers are interested in services at the interface between research, politics and practice. Public Health Insight have experience bridging the gap between these areas and can facilitate both the utilisation of knowledge and co-production of knowledge within a policy and practice setting.

With the vast quantity of public health evidence currently available, Public Health Insight works to build relationships and provide links between research, practice and policy. We help organisations to identify needs for existing and future research and evidence, and provide support to navigate the research evidence environment.

In addition, we can work with you to improve organisational processes for acquiring and using knowledge.