Review Production

Reviewing lead exposure and management strategies for the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

The NHMRC maintains an interest in new and emerging scientific evidence on the impact and management of environmental lead exposure on human health. In 2013, the NHMRC commissioned our team to conduct an independent evaluation of the current evidence.

We synthesised available evidence on the health effects associated with low blood lead levels, and the effectiveness of intervention strategies aimed at reducing individuals’ blood lead levels. Ultimately, the work aimed to inform a revision of the 2009 NHMRC Public Statement and Information Paper on Blood Lead Levels, and the development of a guideline on management of individual lead exposure aimed at health practitioners.

Working closely with the NMHRC Lead Working Committee, our team shaped the program of work to be carried out. This included developing conceptually and methodologically appropriate review questions and protocols.

Drawing on expertise from our local team and international collaborators, we completed a narrative literature review, a systematic review, and an overview of systematic reviews. We conducted literature searches, assessed the quality of available evidence, synthesised evidence using best-practice procedures, and presented a report on our findings.