Why women are angry, part one: Income inequality

Earlier this year, Australian women of all political persuasions and backgrounds stood up to say enough is enough when it comes to discrimination, harassment and abuse.

So-called "women's issues" suddenly roared to the centre of Australian politics, triggered in large part by the case of Brittany Higgins.

The liberal staffer alleged she'd been raped in the office of the Defence Minister in 2019 and then pressured to keep quiet to not cause a distraction in the lead-up to a federal election.

Her story lit a spark among Australian women of all ages, political views and cultural and economic backgrounds.

Ahead of next week's national domestic violence summit, 7.30 Report on ABC has a series stitching together the threads that explain why women are angry.

The first episode looks at income inequality:

Why Women Are Angry: The 7.30 special series can be seen on ABC iview.

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