Milpa's Stop Germs App

A 3D Augmented Reality App has been developed to make learning about Milpa’s Six Steps to Stop Germs more interactive and fun for kids and adults. The AR technology combines video and computer-generated visualisations for hygiene health education in remote Aboriginal communities to help eliminate trachoma and reduce other common childhood infections.

Milpa’s Six Steps to Stop Germs was  developed in 2019 with many stakeholders and had input from Indigenous leaders, community members, health organisations and education stakeholders and specialists from SA, NT and WA. The App will brings ‘Milpa’s Six Steps to Stop Germs’ to life in an engaging and immersive experience for children, teachers and families.

A set of of colouring-in sheets featuring each of Milpa’s Six Steps to Stop Germs and an extra colouring-in sheet about coughs, colds and coronavirus was added in 2020. (download the sheets below)

Each colouring-in sheet has a QR code that is scanned with the App on smart phone or tablet. It activates the video image of characters on the colouring-in sheet to complete  the specific hygiene action. The video animations can appear in the unique colours used on the colouring in sheet.

Buttons can activate a voiceover explaining how to do that hygiene step, why it’s important and which sicknesses the hygiene actions will prevent. Other buttons bring up facts about each hygiene step and play sound effects.


A set of colouring-in sheets that when used with augmented reality app, ‘QuiverVision’ come to life as an animation of each child’s unique drawing.

App Colouring Sheets

  • Blow your nose (PDF)
  • Wash your hands (PDF)
  • Wash your face (PDF)
  • Brush your teeth (PDF)
  • Shower (PDF)
  • Don't share towels (PDF)
  • Cough/Sneeze into your elbow (PDF)

image showing 7 different black and white colouring sheets depicting the actions to stop germs


Spectacular App by QuiverVision. You just need colouring in pencils or textas!

  • DOWNLOAD: Download Spectacular App to phone or tablet (Android: Apple:
  • PRINT: Print off colouring in sheets (download below)
  • COLOUR: Colour in child and bathroom things in centre of page and write key words in the ‘screen’ at top of page eg blow nose or child’s name
  • SCAN: Scan QR code at bottom of sheet
  • PLAY AND LEARN: Tap the child to do the hygiene actions, Press Buttons (Colour wheel: switches between colouring in and standard video of 3D AR nose blowing action; Text box: for screen to pop up; Volume: to hear nose blowing instructions; Dot points: for extra facts about nose blowing;  Magnifying glass: enlarge 3D AR nose blowing action; Camera: takes pics or video and saves to your phone; Milpa Mask – is activated!)


See how the app comes to life once you have coloured the sheet and scanned the QR code.

  • Each drawing of a child doing the different hygiene actions will pop off the page when scanned and illustrate the hygiene action.
  • The App includes videos, music, sounds and voice overs describing each hygiene action, and additional facts about each of the Six Steps.
  • A fun reward is the fully interactive Milpa masks with face tracking which mimics facial expressions and actions.

sample showing the 3D image of the boy showing