Eye Health Heroes


A selection of well-known community members or 'eye health heroes’ from a diverse range of disciplines and communities feature in the resources.

Eye Health Heroes

The ‘Eyecare Now, Eyecare Always’ resources aim to showcase the way in which each of the ‘eye health heroes’ use their eyesight, highlight the importance of keeping up with regular eye checks, and amplify their amazing leadership and voices to a wider audience.

  • Karlie Noon (Gamilaroi) is an astronomer, author, academic and advocate for the incorporation of First Nation’s knowledge into Western ideas of Astronomy
  • Dr Kristopher Rallah Baker (Yuggera, Warangu, Wiradjuri) is Australia’s first Indigenous Ophthalmologist or eye doctor and an Associate Professor
  • Scott West and Mantua Nangala (Kiwirrkurra Traditional Owners) are from the Kiwirrkurra Indigenous Rangers program in one of the most remote communities in Australia where traditional owners fuse their incredibly rich traditional land management to care for their Country
  • Nornie Bero (Meriam of Mer Island, Torres Strait) is a chef and entrepreneur pioneering the inclusion of native ingredients in Australian cuisine

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Behind the scenes

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