MPH Research Projects

Our Master of Public Health students conducted research on gender and women's health topic that they are passionate about. The list of projects along with the publications can be found below:

Name of studentTitle of projectPublicationSupervisors
Jess MoultonWomen’s perceptions and experiences of reproductive coercion: a qualitative evidence synthesis Meghan Bohren, Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Martha Vazquez CoronaThe Portrayal of Caesarean Sections in Mexican Media Outlets Meghan Bohren, Dr  Ana Pilar Betrán (World Health Organization)
Nilab Hamidi"My father told me 'child, there is no son in this house, so you should wear these boy clothes'": perspectives on gender norms, roles, and bacha posh among Afghan migrant women in Melbourne, Australia Meghan Bohren, Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Hannah BillettWomen from migrant and refugee backgrounds’ perceptions and
experiences of the continuum of maternity care in Australia: A
qualitative evidence synthesis Meghan Bohren
Katherine EddyFactors affecting use of magnesium sulphate for
pre-eclampsia or eclampsia: a qualitative
evidence synthesis Meghan Bohren, Prof  Joshua Vogel
Rana Islamiah ZahrohTrends and sociodemographic inequalities in the use of caesarean section in Indonesia, 1987-2017 Meghan Bohren, Dr George Disney,  Dr  Ana Pilar Betrán (World Health Organization)
Alya Hazfiarini‘We are going into battle without appropriate armour’: A qualitative study
of Indonesian midwives’ experiences in providing maternity care during the
COVID-19 pandemic

Indonesian midwives’ perspectives on changes in the provision of
maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study
A/Prof Meghan Bohren, Prof Caroline Homer
Jack GanbaatarExploring the identities and experiences of young
queer people in Mongolia using visual research
methods Meghan Bohren, Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Paige TsakmakisA qualitative exploration of women’s and their partners’ experiences of
birth trauma in Australia, utilising critical feminist theory Meghan Bohren, Dr Shahinoor Akter
Shurfa BuharyExploring resilience of Sri Lankan migrant pregnant women during COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria, Australia: an intersectional qualitative study- Dr Shahinoor Akter, A/Prof Meghan Bohren,  Dr Ashley McAllister
Jeanine HouraniHow structural and symbolic violence during resettlement impacts the social and mental wellbeing of forced migrant women: the lived experiences of Arabic speaking survivors of IPV resettled in Melbourne, Australia  Cathy Vaughan
Bec WiganMen’s experiences of Bacterial Vaginosis and the acceptability of associated male partner treatment  Cathy Vaughan
Morgan KentManagement of female urinary incontinence in general practice: a pilot qualitative research project-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Dalia Al KhunaiziA non-Orientalist, intersectional perspective on Saudi women’s femininities, agency and forms of resistance-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Katie Brebner GriffinHow do key informants in the aged care & ageing services sectors understand elder abuse against people from migrant and refugee backgrounds?-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Nicola LongUnderstanding the experience and prevalence of reproductive coercion among women in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative research protocol-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Zainab KorashiVaccine Hesitancy in Migrant and Refugee Communities: A Systematic Review Aimed at Informing COVID-19 and Future Vaccination Efforts-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Olivia EphraimWhat is required for safe and effective identification of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in antenatal settings in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea?-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Gemma Tarpey-Brown“Violence is everywhere.” How the transnational perpetration of sexual and gender-based violence across international borders impacts the safety, health, and wellbeing of forced migrant women.-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Kate ChaoukiOptimising abortion care:  Perspectives of care providers and community stakeholders-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Ashlee BaileyWomen’s Perspectives of the Impact of Participation in an Outdoor Adventure Program ’on their Health and Wellbeing-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Veronica SaadBilingual Health Educators’ experiences supporting women of migrant and refugee backgrounds through COVID-19 in Melbourne-Prof  Cathy Vaughan
Jessica KirwanFamily violence affecting children from immigrant and refugee backgrounds: mothers’ perceptions of and experiences with service system responses-Prof  Cathy Vaughan

If you are interested to do research with us, you can contact our Unit Research Coordinator, A/Prof Meghan Bohren,  at