Mental Health Care for Mothers of Children with a Disability

Supporting the Mental Health of Mothers of Children with a Disability 


In partnership with Kalparrin Early Intervention Services, a capacity building program for health professionals is being developed and evaluated. The ultimate intention of the program is to evolve early childhood intervention practice frameworks to ensure they focus on the whole family.

The Jack Brockhoff Child Health & Wellbeing Program - Disability & Families from Brockhoff Child Health Program on Vimeo.

Project Summary

Research suggests that higher rates of depression, anxiety, chronic stress, poor sleep quality and physical health are reported by mothers caring for a child with a disability compared to mothers of typically developing children. There is a critical gap in our knowledge about how mothers feel about accessing mental health services for themselves and what the personal and service barriers are to accessing mental health services.

Research participants will include 30 staff and 90 families that Kalparrin currently supports.

Funding Source

Ian Potter Foundation, 2016.

Academic Team


Contact Name
Dr Kim-Michelle Gilson