Trauma & recovery: Child & adolescent health equity

Podcast was made live 28 February 2022, 9.00am

PODCAST 4: Trauma and Recovery: Child and Adolescent Health Equity

Whether it’s coping with a natural disaster or a life of violence, trauma plays a significant role in the health and development of children and adolescents.

Podcast 4

In this podcast, Dr Karen Block (Child and Community Wellbeing Unit) interviews Professor Lisa Gibbs (Child and Community Wellbeing Unit) and PhD candidate Melissa Willoughby (Justice Health Unit) in this episode, asking about their research on childhood and adolescent trauma and recovery. Lisa talks about her research with children who have faced multiple forms of trauma in their lives, ranging from environmental disasters to pandemics, and reflects on the importance of resilience and recovery. Melissa talks about her research on children and adolescents in the criminal justice system, and on the lack of research on their health and wellbeing. Ultimately, this podcast will leave you asking: What can I do to facilitate the recovery of children and adolescents who have experienced trauma?

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