The Centre for Health Equity consolidates our School's social, behavioural and public health expertise into a single, world-class Centre.

Professor Olena Hankivsky, Director

Our core focus is on creating and exchanging knowledge that fosters health equity and wellbeing. Our approach is to work at a population level to produce evidence-based research and programs that improve lives. By connecting with health professionals, policy-makers, consumer groups and the broader community, we aim to improve fair access to good health and wellbeing.


Many of our staff are recognised internationally as leaders within their respective fields and bring decades of experience to support their teaching. Currently, our staff teach into a range of University and external programs and short courses, including coordinating number of subject for the Master  of Public Health program.


Health equity is shaped by many factors – such as social disadvantage – and also by how these factors intersect with one another. To advance understanding of these complex issues requires multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches. Our Centre's research brings together diverse disciplines and fields, including social epidemiology, behavioural sciences, geography, sociology, ethics, Indigenous studies, history and demography. It reaches into households, communities and institutional settings – anywhere that age, income, place, disability, race, gender and difference affect equal access to health and wellbeing.


Each of our units is involved in research collaborations at local, national and international levels. These range from government departments seeking our input for policy development, to Indigenous communities advising our researchers on how best to deliver trachoma programs within their communities. Powerful resources and productive relationships sustain our work. Our partnerships include governments and health departments in Australia and internationally, the World Health Organization, universities and many other institutes and organisations in other countries, the Cochrane Public Health Group, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (Vic Health). The efforts of our researchers and staff have been recognised in many ways, including numerous awards, NHMRC and ARC Grants and Fellowships and ARC Linkage Grants, invitations to address prestigious international assemblies, and international prizes for their research.