Kanlaya Jongcherdchootrakul

Socioeconomic Position and Colorectal Cancer Outcomes: Mediation analysis

K.Jongcherdchootrakul photo

Supervisors names: Dr Driss Ait Ouakrim, Dr Louisa Flander, and Prof Mark Jenkins

Colorectal cancer is one of the major burden worldwide. Generally, the disparities on colorectal cancer has been demonstrated across different socioeconomic positions. The explicit mechanisms and drivers behind the disparities of colorectal cancer outcomes (screening uptake, risk and mortality) should be identified in order to establish precise and effective colorectal cancer interventions.

Confounders and effect modifiers, which are famous third variables on the epidemiological studies, can be adjusted by logistic regression and stratification, respectively. While, the mediator, which is an intermediate step between exposure and outcome variables in casual pathway, is less likely mentioned. Most of epidemiological studies are dealing with the mediators by adjusting as confounders. That will close the open pathway between exposure and outcome variables, so, the effect size of the association will be flaw. Accordingly, the mediation analysis will be a key analyses to indicate the precise effect of the exposure on the outcome.  

In this study, our aim is to explore the effect of socioeconomic position (education attainment, income, occupation, and socioeconomic position of area of living) on colorectal cancer outcomes (screening uptake and incidences) by using mediation analysis.

PhD scholarship and funding body: Thai Government scholarship