Eliza Davidson

Identifying Risk Factors for Adverse Maternal and Birth Outcomes in a Malaria Endemic Region of Papua New Guinea

E.Davidson photo

Supervisors Names: Associate Professor Freya Fowkes and Professor Julie Simpson  

The proposed project would involve determining risk factors associated with adverse maternal and birth outcomes, in malaria endemic regions. The aims of this study would include quantifying the major causes of poor health in pregnant women (including Plasmodium species infection, red blood cell polymorphisms, micro-nutrient deficiencies, anaemia and sexually transmitted infections) and identify major preventable causes of poor birth outcomes (such as low birth weight and pre-term delivery). Analysis will also assess interactions between co-morbidities during pregnancy, and the relationship to adverse maternal and birth outcomes. Samples and data from a cohort of 700 women living in Papua New Guinea would be utilized.

PhD scholarship and funding body: Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship - Annual Round