We strive to provide robust evidence on the health, health equity and cost impacts of population interventions

Our aim

SHINE is both a research program and a consulting service for the government and other agencies. The aim of SHINE is to provide robust evidence on the health, health equity, and cost impacts of population interventions, through causal inference and sophisticated simulation approaches from epidemiology, economics, and data science.

SHINE strives to be able to quantify the impact of (virtually) any intervention on health, health inequalities, health expenditure and income-earning potential of the population. We aim to answer questions like: “when applied to the population, how much health gain will intervention X achieve compared to intervention Y?  Over what time period?  At what cost?” Answering these questions is vital to forecasting the impact of a range of interventions and optimising policymaking for best value for money.

How we do research

We both lead projects and collaborate with other researchers. Projects we lead include COVID-19 policy modelling, a range of tobacco control projects, and the (necessary) methodological research we pioneer to build ‘next generation’ simulation modelling.  Projects we collaborate on include Healthy Housing and Tobacco Endgame interventions – both as part of NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence.