SHINE provides highly influential tobacco endgame modelling to NZ Govt - and kickstarts a discussion "why not here in Australia too?"

Prof Tony Blakely
Professor Tony Blakely 

The Scalable Health Intervention Evaluation (SHINE) program led by Professor Blakely has provided highly influential modelling to the New Zealand Government on the health and cost impacts of tobacco endgame strategies that the NZ Government is now legislating for, namely: denicotinising all retailed tobacco to levels where it is no longer addictive; 90-95% reduction in tobacco retail outlets; and making it illegal to sell tobacco to anyone born in 2009 or later (the so-called tobacco-free generation). Massive health gains and reductions in Maori:non-Maori health inequalities will result. Australian tobacco control experts are already saying “why not here too?”, noting the massive potential to reduce Indigenous health inequalities in Australia. Professor Blakely says “Our NZ modelling is just one example of the power and utility of SHINE modelling for public health planning and policy.  We are current assessing many tobacco control programs, healthy housing interventions, COVID-19 policies, and other prevention programs.”

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