Successful applications for funding commencing 2018

Congratulations to staff with successful applications for funding commencing in 2018.

Dr Adrian Bickerstaffe
FMDHS Equipment grant, Expand Stata/MP capabilities

Dr Adrian Lowe
NH&MRC 2017 Career Development Fellowship, Developing the epidemiological evidence base for eczema prevention

Dr Aung Ko Win
NH&MRC 2017 Career Development Fellowship, Enabling personalised risk assessment for colorectal cancer

Dr Caroline Lodge
NH&MRC Project Grant, Perinatal exposure to household and environmental toxins and the risk of asthma and allergic disease up to 25 years

Dr Daniel Schmidt
National Breast Cancer Foundation Investigator Initiated Research Scheme, Development of automated measures from mammograms that predict masking and risk

Dr Gayan Bowatte
UoM Early Career Researcher Grant, Association of Vitamin D levels, chronic respiratory diseases and lung function & interactions with health pollution

Dr Ghazaleh Dashti
NH&MRC 2017 Postgraduate Scholarship, Explaining the causal effect of obesity on colorectal and postmenopausal breast cancer

Prof James McCaw
Defence Science Technology, Review the simulation methodologies behind the development of the Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza

US Dept Defense, ITC-PAC Research Project for Development of Epidemic Decision Support Systems Based Upon Infectivity and Severity Estimates of Infectious Disieases Using he First Few Hundred Cases Methodology

Professor Jane Hocking
NH&MRC 2017 Research Fellowships -SRF, Enhanced prevention and control of Sexually Transmitted Infections

MSPGH/MSPS Seed funding, A sexual health screening tool for older adults in general practice – feasibility, acceptability and useability

Professor John Hopper
NH&MRC 2017 Research Fellowships -SRF, Using twin and family studies to make genomics relevant to population health

NHMRC Project Grant, Improved and automated measures of breast cancer risk based on digital mammography and family history data collected by BreastScreen that will enable tailored screening for breast cancer

National Breast Cancer Foundation Investigator Initiated Research Scheme, Enabling accurate prediction of breast cancer risk at screening from novel and improved measures of mammographic density

Prof John Mathews
Victorian Department of Environment, Land & Water Planning, Provision of updating the worker health study

Dr Kevin Nguyen
Cancer Council Victoria Fellowship

Dr Louisa Flander
FMDHS Engagement, Colorectal Cancer Screening - assess community engagement activities

Dr Melissa Russell
UoM Learning and Teaching initiative, Communicating for Health - an online interdisciplinary approach

Dr Rebecca Chisolm
UoM Early Career Researcher Grant, Understanding how immunity, strain diversity and prevalence interact in multistrain pathogens