Death, a love project

A fresh take on preparation for death

Image: Bolitho - Linda with book

Our quality of life goes right down, often for a long time, when someone important dies. And it’s worse if the person’s partner, family and friends are unprepared for this life changing event. The impact and aftermath can have a huge effect on loved ones' basic equilibrium and ordinary needs - to sleep, eat and communicate – let alone their ability to think things through.

A new book Death, a love project, a guide to exploring the life in death and finding the way togethersets out to help people to prepare for this time in a gentle way.

'Annie Bolitho invites us to pause over a future that we must all face and yet resist preparing for,’ says Ilsa Hampton of Meaningful Ageing Australia. 'Her gentle invitation is at turns reflective, creative and practical. Put on the kettle, make yourself comfortable, and enter into this wonderful invitation to engage with the death of your Significant Others as a love project.’ Other industry leaders have also endorsed the book, including Nigel Davies President of the National Association of Independent Funeral Directors and Jessie Williams CEO of The Groundswell Project.

This short book will help family members think things through and make informed choices on matters such as end of life care, funerals, vigils and memorials, burial, cremation and donating one’s body to science. But most importantly it invites people to be together in a way that is rewarding rather than stressful, responsive rather than reactive.

‘Death, a love project’ provides what individuals and families need when it comes to dealing with end of life arrangements – good information, along with a calm and sensible approach. The book is available online at

[Source: Dr Annie Bolitho, Annie Bolitho & Associates,]