Validation study of damp and mould exposure in Australian homes

Project Details

Mould indicates unhealthy housing and poses a health risk. The World Health Organization advises that no quantitative exposure to mould is safe and mould in homes should be prevented and remediated. Despite adverse effects, we have no studies in Australia that provide objective measures of damp and mould and, thereby, current prevalence estimates are based on self-reports. Concerningly, international studies show poor consistency between subjective and objective measurements of dampness and mould. This pilot study will assess validity and reliability of subjective self-reports against objective measurements of indoor dampness and mould and contribute to further studies examining long-term indoor environments and health.

If you would like to participate in the validation study, we are currently recruiting participants living in homes with or without mould.



This project is funded by a University of Melbourne 2022 Early Career Researcher Grant.

Project period

2022 – 2023


Dr Ang Li

Research Group

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For further information about this research, please contact the research group leader.

Department / Centre

Centre for Health Policy

MDHS Research library
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