Population and Labour Force Prospects for Australia

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Population and Labour Force Prospects for Australia

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Australia’s Permanent Migration planning level has remained unchanged for the past eight years under both Labor and Coalition Governments. This planning level is based on the impact that immigration has on the ageing of the population and, hence, on GDP per capita. At the same time, the migration intake needs to be consistent with short and medium-term labour demand. For the past eight years, governments have been satisfied that this has been the case. While temporary migration moves annual net migration up and down, it is the permanent program that sets the longer-term future. From the perspective of labour demand, the argument is strong that present levels of immigration need to be maintained in the medium term. This implies continued rapid growth in the three largest cities.

This presentation documents these facts and arguments including discussion of whether alternative settlement patterns are possible.


  • Professor Peter  McDonald
    Professor Peter McDonald, Professor of Demography, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health