'Share Your Story': Tackling Trachoma in Remote Communities

kids washing their hands

Trachoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness globally. Based on reporting by the WHO in 2018, trachoma remains endemic in 41 countries. Australia is the only developed country to have endemic trachoma. This is alarming.  But it gets worse - almost all the cases of trachoma are detected in remote Aboriginal communities.

The latest instalment of the ‘Share Your Story’ initiative showcases the fantastic work of the Environmental Health Trachoma Project (#endingtrachoma).

This project aims to reduce the incidence of trachoma and skin infections in ‘trachoma at risk’ Aboriginal communities in remote Western Australia through environmental health strategies by December 2021. They do this through a combination of long-term planning with communities and hands on service provision and our key partners are the Aboriginal Environmental Health Workers who are employed within remote communities.

Read more about #endingtrachoma in this edition of the 'Share Your Story' initiative.

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