The Indigenous Eye Health Unit (IEHU) at the University of Melbourne would like to acknowledge and thank who provided valuable input, guidance, and encouragement during the development of the ‘Eyecare Now, Eyecare Always’ health promotion resources.

This includes:

  • Project Steering Group members
  • An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group, workshop participants made up of the resources’ target audience including those with lived experience.
  • Gilimbaa - Indigenous-led creative agency

We also acknowledge the wonderful community members, including the ‘eye health heroes’, who feature in these resources:

Support for this project was provided by the Australian Department of Health.

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TRAVERSING COUNTRY’ by Gilimbaa Executive David Williams (Wakka Wakka).

These elements represent the strength and vibrancy of First Nations people all over Australia. We are diverse and culturally strong peoples with humour to share and stories to tell. We are forever connected to Country, our families, and our communities.

Continuity of culture is one of the most important things for First Nations peoples. Our health and wellbeing is strengthened by these connections. The connections here are represented as a continual line from left to right; the line has no end.

As we walk on, feel, and see our Country, we are connected.

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