Developing the Resources


Developing the Resources

An iterative, engaging, community-driven process was taken to develop eye health promotion messages and resources focusing on diabetes eye care. Community consultations were undertaken in selected regions, partly because of their progress in implementing the Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision where eye care service improvements are being implemented.

This 'behind the scenes' video helps to capture the creative process used in the three regions involved in the development of the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' diabetes eye care resources showing the powerful 'by community for community' strengths-based approach.

It involved urban, remote and rural settings, from three states;

  • Deception Bay, South East Queensland (urban)
  • Looma Community, Kimberley, Western Australia (remote)
  • The Grampians region, Victoria (rural)

How the ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ Resources were made:

Behind the Scenes

how CTST were made video

How the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' resources were made - Behind the Scenes

The 'by community for community' approach included music, art and sharing personal stories as the backbone for community engagement and participation. This community engagement was integral to understanding the motivation, ability and triggers for behavioural change from community members directly affected by diabetes and/or affected by vision loss from diabetes.

This community engagement also allowed for key themes, slogans, language, design and imagery to be created for the overall 'look and feel' of a suite of social marketing resources. The video shows the brainstorming, music recording, filming, art workshops, interviews, photos and a sense of achievement in creating the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' diabetes eye care resources.

sightline development image

The 'eye-con' logo was created from an original art design and each coloured ring within the eye represents an eye condition: diabetic eye disease, cataract, refractive error and trachoma. The supporting slogan 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' was generated during consultation in the Grampian's region. This slogan was then purposefully included in the music workshops in the other two regions to create connection between communities.

The 'sightline' is made up of a variety of elements traced from original artwork by participants from all regions. eyes traced from the original artwork from each region with cultural elements and patterning embedded along the 'sightline'.

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Additional behind the scenes videos

Additional behind the scenes videos from each of the three regions involved in the development of the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' resources.

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