How COVID-19 amplified health care inequalities.

The world over, we are becoming increasingly aware of the need to understand and respond to the wide-ranging impacts of COVID-19 beyond a focus on incidence and mortality of the disease.

The arrival of COVID-19 has amplified health care inequalities and existing deficiencies in the health system. The pandemic has interrupted heath care access and is highlighting the under investment in services for vulnerable communities.

Since June this year researchers at the Nossal Institute have been partnering with colleagues at the Centre of AIDS Research and Policy at Atma Jaya University in Jakarta to document the catastrophic impacts of COVID-19 on the livelihoods and sexual and reproductive health of vulnerable urban groups such as the homeless, people living with HIV, female sex workers and trans-women.

Findings of this project aim to inform the development of a more inclusive pandemic response and accelerate the provision of free health care and emergency financial assistance for vulnerable groups in Indonesia.

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