One Health approaches to Health Security in Indonesia

Nossal Institute experts are preparing to deliver Foundations in Health Security: Indonesia for the third time. A team of Nossal trainers will facilitate the five day intensive program in Tangerang for 35 enthusiastic participants from across animal, human, and environmental health sectors.

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The overwhelmingly positive feedback from previous participants in the course has generated increased interest with participants valuing the opportunity to connect  and learn from experts and colleagues across animal, human and environmental health sectors.

The course engages multiple experts across diverse disciplines for participants to develop an understanding of how to approach health security with a One Health lens; taking in to account the need for multi-system collaboration.

Nossal Institute has a learner-centred and collaborative approach to education. After  a successful delivery  in July 2022, we have been refining our materials and resources to respond better to our learner cohort. Working in collaboration with our partners Australia Indonesia Health Security Partnership (AIHSP), we have  developed learners’ and facilitators’ manuals  that can be used by participants in their jobs. These resources, developed in both English and Indonesian, encourage a long-term focus on sustainable change and building capacity beyond the intensive course.

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