Our Values

Caring for people is at the heart of what we do. Our values guide our ways of working and we are committed to a diverse and inclusive culture that enables our staff and students to reach their full potential. This includes our commitment to progressing gender equity which is aligned with the University’s Athena SWAN Bronze Award from SAGE (Science in Australian Gender Equity), and championing the Pride in Action Network, the University’s inaugural LGBTQIA+ ally network.

We work to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities  we serve. We invest in developing the careers and wellbeing of our students and staff, fostering a culture that supports us all to do our best work. We are guided by our values in our pursuit of excellence.

Graphic showing 5 shields with Indigenous artwork and  the words Respect Accountability Compasion Collaboration & teamworks and Integrity. The words are in english and have a Wurundjeri translation
Artist statement: This artwork depicts the united values MDHS are guided by. The shields are a representation of how we are protected by these values but also loyal to them. Surrounding the shields are the communities that are connected to MDHS, such as the Hospitals and research centers. The line work pattern in the shields represent how each value is linked as each one doesn’t work without the other – Kat Clarke Wurundjeri translation – Aunty Gail Smith, Wurundjeri Elder from Wurundjeri Council


  • We respect the diversity of histories, lived experiences and  futures of our students, staff and communities we serve
  • We see diversity, inclusion and personal growth as a strength
  • We create a safe place to work that fosters belonging and aspiration


  • We are accountable for our actions, outcomes and conduct
  • Our processes are efficient and transparent
  • We hold ourselves accountable to those we serve
  • We uphold our sense of place and our responsibility for the environment


  • We provide an environment that is caring and upholds the health and wellbeing of our students and staff
  • We have the courage to act on our convictions
  • We communicate and clarify our expectations of each other

Collaboration & Teamwork

  • We collaborate with each other and our partners to lead the advancement of health and wellbeing
  • We connect locally and globally to advance and enrich the communities we serve
  • We share our knowledge and expertise to achieve our goals
  • We drive innovation and are open to new perspectives, ideas and ways of working


  • We apply the highest standards of ethics and quality in all that we do
  • Honesty and trust underpin our relationships
  • We believe in freedom of intellectual enquiry and the value of diverse cultural knowledges
  • We are humble learners and proud leaders