Can't Stop Scrolling? Problematic Internet Use: An Emerging Compulsive Behaviour

Can't Stop Scrolling?  Problematic Internet Use:  An Emerging Compulsive Behaviour

Presenter:  Ms Kavya Raj

12.00noon Thursday 14 October 2021

Via Zoom

Password:   318864

All welcome

The internet offers countless avenues to escape stressors, feel socially connected, and be entertained. But too much time online and loss of control over our internet use is linked with poorer mental health outcomes and worsened academic performance.

Through two recent studies conducted amongst Australian university students, I discuss how the number of students experiencing mental health problems associated with their internet use is greater than previously anticipated, and that targeting specific mental wellness factors (resilience, trait mindfulness) may be key to protecting students from experiencing academic difficulties due to their internet use.

Additionally, preliminary results on the cognitive drivers of problematic internet use will be presented, and the implications for treatment and policy will be discussed.

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