PhD Confirmation Seminar - Lachlan Cameron

Centre for Health Policy and Centre for Mental Health PhD Confirmation Seminar
Presenter: Lachlan Cameron
Supervisors: Dr Jemimah Ride, Prof Jane Pirkis, Prof Nancy Devlin

The Effect of Depression and Anxiety on Gambling Decisions

Thursday 23 February 2021 - 10.30am - 11.30am

Via Zoom
Password:  716433

Mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, and gambling harm are two common sources of social disadvantage. People with depression and anxiety have higher rates of gambling harm. However, this relationship is poorly understood. Better understanding this relationship is important for informing policy to reduce the risk of gambling harm for people with depression and anxiety.

This PhD aims to improve understanding of the relationship between mental health and gambling by exploring how depression and anxiety affect gambling decisions.

This will be achieved through (i) the development of an economic model of gambling behaviour, (ii) interviews with people with experience of gambling on horse racing, and (iii) a discrete choice experiment.

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