Prof Margaret Kelaher
Unit Head

Margaret has a PhD in Public Health, Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts (Honours). Margaret has established an international reputation in research to improve health equity.  Her work has a unique focus, bringing an action orientated and intervention-based approach to understanding complex health issues and informing theory and policy. She is one of the few health researchers whose work encompasses the continuum of population health.

Associate Professor Rosemary McKenzie
Director of Teaching and Learning
Deputy Director - Centre for Health Policy

Rosemary has a PhD in Public Health, a Master of Public Health, a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Promotion and a Bachelor of Arts. Rosemary is Director of Teaching and Learning in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. She is an evaluator and health services researcher with a particular interest in primary care after hours policy and quality in primary care telephone triage and advice services. Rosemary is skilled in realist, mixed methods and qualitative evaluation approaches, clinical governance and strategic planning.

A/Prof Lucio Naccarella
Principal Research Fellow

Lucio has a PhD in Primary Health Care, Graduate Diploma in Transcultural Mental Health, and a Bachelor of Science (Honours). Lucio is a leading health systems researcher and evaluator, with interests in systems change, health system literacy, care coordination, multidisciplinary primary health care team work, primary care organisations and health workforce reforms, from a policy, research and practice perspective. He focusses on four key areas:

1) Building evaluation capability within public sector organisations;

2) Evaluating health workforce models of care and development;

3) Evaluating population health, health literacy and community based professional development initiatives;

4) Researching health care facility design to optimise the health care workforce.

A/Prof Helen Jordan
Senior Lecturer

Helen has a PhD in epidemiology, Graduate Diploma in Education, Graduate Diploma in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and a Bachelor of Science (Honours). Helen is a teacher, practitioner and researcher who specialises in population health planning and processes, and health program and policy design and evaluation. She has a particular interest in the application of systems thinking within each of these fields. Helen provides short courses, advice and assistance to government and non-government organisations, research groups, and policy and program designers.


Dr Alison Brown
Research Fellow

Alison Brown is a Research Fellow in the Evaluation and Implementation Science Unit at the Centre for Health Policy. She is a health services researcher and holds a PhD in healthcare governance, Master of Public Health, Bachelor of Applied Science (Physio) and Bachelor of Science. Alison has a background as a clinician, quality manager and a governance consultant in the healthcare sector. Alison has undertaken research and evaluation in the areas of clinical governance, consumer collaboration, disability services and chronic disease management. Since joining the Centre for Health Policy her work has focussed on an NHMRC research project evaluating the effect of an Aboriginal-led life-coaching service on the health cultural, spiritual, social and emotional, wellbeing  of Aboriginal people who are tenants of Aboriginal Housing Victoria.

Dr. Khic-Hony Prang
Research Fellow

Khic is a health services researcher and holds a PhD in Public Health, Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts. She has expertise in epidemiology, evaluation, and mixed-methods research design. Khic has a strong interest in the efficient delivery of healthcare services, and its impact on utilisation, cost, quality of care and patients’ experiences and outcomes. Her research has spanned the areas of public performance reporting of hospitals data on quality of care, patient experiences of healthcare, patterns of healthcare services utilisation, social support and injury recovery. Her current research project involves a critical evaluation of the suitability of registry trials in the oncology setting and identifying factors necessary for such trials to succeed.

Ms Joanne Luke
Research Assistant / PhD Candidate

Joanne is an Aboriginal researcher with a Masters in Public Health, and a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology). Joanne’s current PhD explores the construction of Aboriginal identities and Aboriginal health within CVD epidemiology. She is a recipient of an Australian Heart Foundation Indigenous Scholarship.

Joanne has over 10 years experience working as an public health researcher. Joanne has expertise in the areas of Aboriginal health, cardiovascular disease, health literacy, program evaluation, and health systems research.

Ms Angeline Ferdinand
Research Fellow

Angeline has a Masters of Public Health and is currently completing her PhD. Her PhD thesis explores intercultural and Aboriginal-focused models of health developed in Latin America and their appropriateness for Australian hospital contexts. Angeline’s main interests lie in the health of marginalised populations.  She has strong research skills in the areas of health inequities and publications in the fields of proteomics, epidemiological research and Aboriginal and migrant health. Ms Ferdinand has substantial experience in working with marginalised populations in direct practice as well as research contexts.


Philippa Dalach
Research Assistant

Philippa has a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Genetics). Before moving into the field of public health research, her work explored ability of epigenetic signatures to predict long-term health outcomes of preterm birth. During her time at the Nossal Institute for Global Health, she evaluated community interventions for the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in South India. In particular, she investigated the impact of psychosocial and mental health factors on the individual- and community-level outcomes of these interventions. Philippa combines research interests in health equity and social determinants of health with analysis skills in epidemiology and implementation science.


Ebony Verbunt
Research Assistant

Ebony has a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne, with majors in Anthropology and Psychology. Her research interests lie in program evaluation, health inequity and cultural competency of health care. Ebony is currently working across a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander projects, including the first Aboriginal led Aboriginal health, wellbeing and safety research and evaluation framework.

 Ms Nicola Creagh
Research Assistant 
 Dr Claire Nightingale
Research Fellow
 Ms Kristy Meiselbach
Research Assistant
 Ms Claire Zammit
Research Assistant