Professor Maarten IJzerman

Head of Cancer Health Services Research

Maarten is the VCCC professor and head of Cancer Health Services Research in the University of Melbourne, Centre for Cancer Research and Centre for Health Policy. He also holds a fractional appointment as a professor in the University of Twente supervising a research program on the health economic impact of blood-based (liquid) biopsies in cancer management. Maarten is co-chairing the data-driven cancer health services research hub for his research on improving dynamic treatment pathways for cancer patients.

Following an extensive clinical training and specialisation in clinical epidemiology and health economics, Maarten’s academic career started in neurologic rehabilitation in the leading rehabilitation research institute in the Netherlands (Roessingh R&D) where he was appointed CEO in 2000. He also worked in Case Western Reserve University (USA) as a visiting professor and in the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. In 2007 he was appointed professor and department chair in the University of Twente responsible for establishing the department for Health Technology & Services Research. From 2007-2011 he was the program director for the Health Policy and Management education. From 2014 onwards, he has had leadership positions in the University of Twente as a scientific director of MIRA and vice-dean in the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Maarten is known for his outreach, pioneering and global networking. He is a (co-)PI on many international investigator-initiated studies, mainly in relation to precision oncology. He also is a co-PI of the Canadian-Dutch and the Genome Canada funded UCAN studies, working on the application of precision medicine in juvenile arthritis. In addition to his academic position, Maarten has several non-profit advisory roles and (advisory) board memberships globally.

Maarten is married with three children aged between 13 and 20. When not at work he enjoys listening to jazz music and is a fanatic marathon runner and cyclist, and he loves downhill skiing!

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