PHD Completion Seminar Feb 27

Australia’s use of managed migration as an instrument of economic policy

Thursday February 27,  Seminar Room 515, Level 5, 207 Bouverie Street Carlton

Amongst developed nations, Australia is a demographic outlier. We are younger, more diverse and growing faster than every other major developed nation. This was the result of major immigration policy changes implemented from the early 2000s that led to slowing of Australia’s rate of population ageing.

Collectively, all major developed nations, plus China, entered their demographic burden phase from around 2010. To varying degrees, they all face the prospect of significantly greater levels of population ageing.

Given Australia’s experience in using managed migration to reduce its rate of ageing, what can we learn from that experience? How did Australia go about increasing its immigration levels? What was the impact, both positive and negative? How should the impact be assessed?

And what of the future? How can we improve forecasting of net overseas migration based on current policy?

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