CHP Seminar - Dr Liam Caffery

Allied Health, general practitioner, and medical specialist use of MBS telehealth funding: Implication for post-pandemic Australia

Presenter: Dr. Liam Caffery (University of Queensland)
Date and Time: Tuesday May 3 2022 12noon-1pm (AEST)
Via Zoom
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Infectious diseases are among the major threats to the sustainability of human societies. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has evidenced the risk and also the cost of an outbreak of Infectious diseases for different societies. In the face of any epidemic disease, the question is how to contain the epidemic, and how to mitigate the impact of the epidemic with the minimum cost. Modeling the infectious disease outbreak can help to better understand the dynamic of epidemics and help the public health policymakers to better decide and design relevant policies. It is also essential to design a model which can show the behavior of individuals and the effect of change in their behavior on the dynamic of an epidemic. In this presentation, we introduce an approach based on evolutionary game theory and machine learning to model and optimize the behavioral response of societies to epidemics.

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