CHSR winner of MSPGH Engagement – Partnership Impact Award!

Cancer Health Services Research (CHSR) team have received a Partnership Impact Award in the 2021 MSPGH Awards. This award recognises the team’s outstanding achievements; and acknowledges the importance of developing many successful partnerships and collaborations with groups across the VCCC alliance, governments, and industry has been to CHSR’s work and success.

In their work, CHSR demonstrates evidence of impact on patient outcomes, on shifting evaluation paradigms, as well as successful engagement with consumers and health policy representatives. Some examples of this include leading one of the platforms in the Illumina – University of Melbourne partnership, establishing consumer engagement panels in two significant projects; and using real-world data simulation models for optimisation of treatment sequencing in precision oncology applications in partnership with research teams at WEHI and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

“This Award is really important for a new group established only few years ago. It demonstrates the relevance of our work and commitment of the team who managed to be strong during COVID”; said Professor Maarten IJzerman, Head of Cancer Health Service Research.

The group are proud to receive this award and would like to thank all of their partners and collaborators; and looks forward to continuing their work together which aims to contribute to better outcomes for cancer patients and contribute to a healthier society.