Health Economics Unit EuroQol grant success: Randomised equivalence study to compare online interviews versus face-to-face interviews to value the EQ-5D-5L

(L-R: Prof Nancy Devlin, A/Prof Kim Dalziel, Dr Tessa Peasgood, Dr Tianxin Pan)

Dr Tessa Peasgood, together with A/Professor Kim Dalziel, Professor Nancy Devlin and Dr Tianxin Pan from the Health Economics Unit, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Sheffield and the University of Oxford, have been awarded an EuroQoL grant to examine the equivalence of face-to-face (F2F) and online interviews for generating time trade-off (TTO) utilities in Australia.

The EQ-5D-5L international valuation protocol involves computer-assisted personal interviews conducted F2F. However, undertaking F2F interviews during the COVID-19 pandemic presents considerable challenges in the UK due to national and local lockdowns, social distancing and shielding of vulnerable participants. Online interviews, which are interviewer guided but conducted online, have the advantage that they can still be conducted under these circumstances. This study will examine the equivalence of F2F and online interviews for generating TTO utilities in Australia. This will be used to inform the selection of mode(s) for future valuation studies, including the full UK EQ-5D-5L valuation.