Health Economics Unit EuroQol grant success: Conceptual and empirical challenges for Using EQ-5D-Y values in economic evaluation

(L-R: Prof Nancy Devlin, Dr Tianxin Pan)

Professor Nancy Devlin and Dr Tianxin Pan from the Health Economics Unit, in collaboration with A/Prof Richard Norman (Curtin University) have been awarded an EuroQoL grant to explore issues around use of EQ-5D-Y values in cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) and to identify potential solutions.

While there is recognition that the characteristics of EQ-5D-Y values (and values accompanying other child-specific measures of health-related quality of life) pose some challenges for their use in CEA and health technology assessment, there has been limited thinking done beyond the identification of a potential problem. This project, led by Professor Nancy Devlin, aims to provide a systematic way of understanding these issues, identify a range of innovative and practical potential solutions, and provide guidance for researchers and decision makers.