CHP PhD Confirmation Seminar - Martin Vu

The health economic potential of high throughput sequencing technologies for blood cancer

Presenter: Martin Vu

Date & Time: Tuesday 2nd March 10am-11am (AEDST)
Via Zoom:
Password: 826638

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies refers to a suite of technologies that can comprehensively analyse the genomic basis of blood cancers in order to establish individualised therapies for each patient. These technologies are well-placed to create substantial clinical impact by improving clinical outcomes for patients with blood cancer and delivering more appropriate use of healthcare resources.

However, access to NGS is restricted to certain settings and the adoption of NGS in routine blood cancer care remains low. This is due to uncertainties in the evidence on the health and economic impact of precision medicine strategies in blood cancer care. Evaluation of NGS is complicated because of methodological challenges in health economic modelling, but there are also issues with existing economic evaluation frameworks when assessing these precision medicine interventions.

The aim of this PhD is two-fold. Firstly, this PhD aims to demonstrate the health economic impact of NGS technologies by assessing the cost and cost-effectiveness of these technologies to inform clinical management for blood cancer patients. Secondly, this PhD seek to address challenges in the conduct of health technology assessments for NGS technologies by conceptualising a framework to analyse the value of individualised therapies for blood cancers.

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