CHP PhD Confirmation Seminar - Amber Howard

Intergenerational inequality in the post homeownership era
Presenter: Amber Howard
Supervisor: Professor Rebecca Bentley
Date & Time: Friday 29th October 6pm–7pm (AEDST) via Zoom. Password: 122268

What are the drivers, features and outcomes of young adults’ housing inequalities in high-income economies?
My research is concerned with how access to affordable and secure housing and housing tenure has changed in high-income economies over the last two decades, and why. Comparing two countries, Australia and the Netherlands, it looks at how young adults' housing trajectories compare with older cohorts, for example with regards to tenure, homeleaving and reliance on family wealth. It explores the ways these changing trends affect young adults' lives, from mental health and wellbeing to life course transitions. It considers how these findings diverge between young adults based on socio-economic and demographic characteristics, yet also how they are shaped by social, political and economic contexts, welfare regimes, and local and national housing market dynamics.

Seminar Flyer