MSc Completion Seminar - July 14th

Tuesday 14th July 12pm–1pm via Zoom

Cost-utility analyses of pediatric vaccines for infectious diseases require health-related quality of life weights (either utility or disability weights). A previous study that reviewed articles prior to June 2013 identified a paucity of utility weights in the pediatric infectious disease space, and a lack of standardization of the use of these weights, which undermines the comparability between economic evaluations. In addition to this, it is currently unknown what the level of agreement is between the utility weight and disability weight for the same health state. This seminar presents the results of a systematic review of economic evaluations of pediatric vaccines targeting 18 infectious diseases, published between January 2013 and December 2018. A summary of findings on utility weights and disability weights used in the studies will be presented. The level of agreement between utility and disability weights will also be discussed.

Event flyer (includes Zoom link)