CHP Seminar - Tuesday 10th November 12.30pm-1.30pm

Centre For Health Policy Seminar
Commercial Determinants of Health: Surveillance Models, Ultra Profits and Ultra Processed

Date: Tuesday November 10th - 12.30pm–1.30pm (AEST)
Presenters: Dr Jennifer Lacy-Nichols and Prof. Rob Moodie

Via Zoom - All Welcome
Password: 751796

The “Commercial Determinants of Health” refer to the ways in which corporate practices, policies, norms and strategies influence population health outcomes. This seminar showcases two perspectives seeking to understand the strategies of powerful corporations. The first is the development of a national surveillance model to collate and disseminate intelligence on harmful industry practices. The model focuses on eight priority areas: lobbying, revolving door, campaign contributions, digital marketing, astroturfing, media influencers, corporate health promotion and community sponsorships.

Second, we discuss how transnational corporations use a combination of market and political practices as part of an integrated strategy to establish, promote, and maintain high levels of ultra processed food consumption within low- and middle-income countries. Developing a systematic approach to monitor the Commercial Determinants of Health can raise public awareness, facilitate collaboration across public health sectors and support advocacy efforts focused on policy change.

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