CHP PhD Completion Seminar - 13 October 2020

Centre For Health Policy - PhD Completion Seminar
Date: Tuesday October 13th - 4.30pm–5.30pm (AEST)
Presenter: Michelle Tew

Health economic evaluation is a fundamental component in helping inform health care providers and policy makers in making decisions on priorities in health care. This is particularly relevant in today’s tight budgetary climate and in response to continued calls for sustainable health and care systems. Economic evaluation evidence has influenced and contributed to many areas of health policy making, at all levels of the health care system – from shaping guidelines that guide clinical care to informing decision for subsidy of pharmaceuticals and medical services. For these evaluations to be useful to decisions makers, they need to provide useful and reliable information and to achieve this, methodological guidelines should be followed, and robust evidence of effectiveness and cost is paramount. With recent advances in information technology, data and statistical methods and implementation of electronic health records, health decision makers are increasingly seeking real-world, generalisable evidences to complement and support policy and clinical decisions.

This thesis aims to demonstrate the usefulness and practicality of applying real-world longitudinal data in health economics research and applications, specifically in the context of economic evaluations. It features six individual health economics studies which explore longitudinal data and show their value and contribution towards advancing economic evaluation methodologies and better decision making. Each of the studies answer specific research questions that contribute towards

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