PHD Completion Seminar Nov 6 2019

Psychosocial Working Conditions and Well-being of International Medical Graduates in Australia:  Evidence from the MABEL longitudinal survey.

Wednesday 6th November 2pm–3pm,  Room 410, Level 4, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

Shortage and maldistribution of medical practitioners, especially in rural and remote areas, are some of the major challenges besetting health systems worldwide. In an ambitious attempt to offset these problems,  Australia has been relying on International Medical Graduates (IMGs) for the past decades. Currently, over 30% of Australia’s medical workforce were initially trained overseas. Little is known about how these doctors rate the overall quality of their lives while integrating to the Australian health care system. This thesis uses prospective data from a national longitudinal study of Australian doctors to investigate the impact of changes in workplace psychosocial risk factors on the subjective well-being of IMGs. It further draws comparison between IMGs and domestic medical graduates to identify any evidence of well-being inequality and drivers between the two groups.

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