Associate Professor Lucio Naccarella receives 2019 teaching excellence award

Associate Professor Naccarella, from the Centre for Health Policy, has been presented with a teaching excellence award as part of the 2019 MSPGH excellence awards, in recognition of his innovation in teaching and learning in the field of health services evaluation. Lucio’s teaching practice reflects his deep commitment to providing real world context and content-based experiential learning.

The comments from the award judges included:

“Lucio is a passionate and energetic teacher who seeks to build the evaluation capacity of his students by providing research- and industry-informed examples of evaluation practice to ensure students are exposed to real world evaluation methods and develop employment-ready professional evaluation skill”

“Lucio is an innovator who explores new domains and methods to incorporate into his teaching, as illustrated by the new subject that he is developing around evaluation of workplace environments through a health and wellbeing lens. As research project coordinator across the MPH Lucio built a community of practice for research project students and led the development of range of research skills resources for students again aimed at building student capacity and professional skills.”

Presenting his work at the awards event, Lucio highlighted three key ingredients for what makes his teaching and learning work to build MPH student evaluation capability: 1) valuing the People who support and areinvolved in designing and delivery the teaching; 2) having a sense of Purpose to contribute to and to share his evaluation work to provide real world evaluation context a content examples; and 3) creating a Place for students to be inspired, motivated; to network and be the next MPH student generation of health service evaluators.

The Director of Teaching and Learning in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Associate Professor Rosemary McKenzie, comments:

"Lucio is a highly valued member of the MSPGH teaching team who inspires and supports colleagues and students alike".

We are delighted that Lucio’s work and achievements in teaching and learning have been recognised in this way.

Professor Nancy Devlin

Director, Centre for Health Policy