Computer Modelling of Diabetes and Its Transparency

Members of the Health Economics Unit, Professor Philip Clarke, Dr An-Duy Tran, Xinyang Hua and Michelle Tew contributed to a recent publication in Value in Health, Computer Modelling of Diabetes and Its Transparency: A Report on the Eight Mount Hood Challenge. The article describes the results of the Transparency Challenge of the 8th Mount Hood Challenge and findings highlight the lack of transparency in the current reporting of key model input parameters. To improve the transparency in diabetes modelling, the group developed the Diabetes Modelling Input Checklist listing the minimal input data required for reproducibility in most modelling applications. This work also highlights the successful collaboration between numerous diabetes modelling  groups around the world to produce the publication.

Mount Hood Diabetes Challenge Network is dedicated to promoting an exchange of ideas and information between those developing and using health economic diabetes simulation models. It is a biennial event and this year, it will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 5th-7th October 2018. For more information or to register, please visit the Mt Hood 2018 Diabetes Challenge website.