Economic Evaluation

Our Unit has extensive experience and expertise in conducting economic evaluations alongside clinical trials, registries and cohort studies.

Economic evaluation generates evidence-based information, through cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis or cost-benefit analysis, to assist decision making in allocating health care resources. Evaluating whether health technologies or services provide value for money is critical to ensuring that healthcare resources are allocated in a way that maximises population health.

Our Unit has world-class expertise in the following areas:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions
  • Genomics and precision medicine
  • Child and maternal health
  • Cancer
  • Infectious diseases and infections
  • Mental health and social care

In addition, we also conduct research to improve economic evaluations methods.

The Health Economics Unit provides support to clinical trialists and research groups in grant development and study design. Requests for consultations can be submitted via the Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health Research Hub (MISCH). The Unit also offers a range of training courses in economic evaluation from introductory to advanced levels.

Selected Projects

Improving cost-effectiveness analysis of childhood vaccines
The GP-OSMOTIC T2D trial: GP monitor to improve outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes

The HIPSTER trial

The HUNTER trial

Home-base=d care for febrile neutropenia in children

Health economics studies alongside the Fontan registry

The VITALITY trial

The TEDI prem trial

The PEBBLES trial

The PPOIT trial

The CHOICE trial


RISE trial

IRMA trial

BRISC trial

RAD trial




ASAP Trial

Working Out Dads Trial

Strengthening Care for Children Project

Selected Publications

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