Prof Philip Clarke Speaks to Media About Australian Healthcare Data Following Productivity Commission Report


A recent article authored by Health Economics Unit staff in the Conversation highlights the need for Australia to use health data more broadly and effectively. It was prompted by a Productivity Commission report that looked at the importance of improving the availability of vital data. The lack of access to high quality health data is leaving Australia lagging behind other comparable countries. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in particular are being underserved. On the 50th anniversary of Indigenous Australasian’s inclusion in the Census data they are still not able to be counted in many health statistics due to a lack of information.

While privacy is of critical importance so is the health of Australians. It is high time to start a discussion about appropriate ways to balancing priorities and start managing data for the public good; a process which much of the world is already undertaking.

Professor Clarke was also interviewed on ABC Radio National’s The Health Report on the Productivity Commission Report.