Patient preferences and dynamic simulation modelling of genomic medicine research meeting

Dr Deborah Marshall from the University of Calgary recently visited the Health Economics Unit. Alongside Prof Maarten IJzerman from the Cancer Health Services Research Unit at the University of Melbourne, Dr Deborah Marshall presented the latest findings on the Canada-Netherlands Personalized Medicine Network in Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease (UCAN CANDU) project.  The presentation described the collaborative research on individual treatment pathways to evaluate cost-effectiveness, affordability and preferences using simulation models of risk, benefits and costs associated with genomics-based care for childhood arthritis to improve patient outcomes.

To coincide with her visit, the Cancer Health Services Research Unit with the Health Economics Unit hosted a research meeting to facilitate interactions and collaborations between Melbourne School of Population and Global Health and the wider precinct and sector. The research meeting aimed to support and assist researchers engaged in personalised genomic care through an open discussion regarding discrete choice experiences, discrete event simulation methodologies and health technology assessments using clinical real-world data.

Speakers at this research meeting included Dr Ilias Goranitis, Mr Jay Stiles, Mr Max Catchpool and Mr Martin Vu.