Invited - ISPOR Australian Chapter talks

Kim Dalziel (left) & Tessa Peasgood (right)

Dr Tessa Peasgood was invited to share her view in the ISPOR Australian Chapter special webinar “How do we value a life in the age of COVID”, with two other speakers (David Grainger, and Dr Peter Abelson) this September. Working on wellbeing and quality of life research for over 15 years, Tessa commented on the necessity of considering both the value of lives lost and quality of life lost – particularly for those experiencing ‘long covid’. She discussed the benefit of using QALYs in this context and raised the lack of sustainability for policy of relying upon a value of a statistical life year which is so much higher than empirical estimates of the opportunity cost of a QALY.

A/Prof Kim Dalziel shared her experience in December at the end of year ISPOR Australian Chapter special webinar “Economic Evaluation in Clinical Trials”, with three other invited speakers (Prof Henry Glick, Prof Cathy Mihalopoulos, and Mr Greg O’Toole). Having worked alongside 28 clinical trials in Australia, Kim has commented on the pragmatic values of economic evaluation to clinical trials, known limitations and critical decisions in evaluation designs.