Renee Jones

PhD student, Research Assistant

Name: Renee Jones
Unit: Child Health Economics Unit, Melbourne Health Economics
School: Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

Areas of interest

Child health economics, Child health services, Child PROMs, Child PROMs in clinical care, Psychometrics, Co-design


Renee is a PhD student with the Child Health Economics, her research is focussed on child health related quality of life (HRQoL) and their use in clinical settings as paediatric patient reported outcome measures (P-PROMs). Renee’s research includes assessing the psychometric measurement performance of common generic and condition specific child HRQoL instruments (or ‘P-PROMs’), with the hope of clarifying which instrument(s) we should be using to measure the HRQoL of Australian children. Renee’s research also includes understanding how generic HRQoL instruments, such as the EQ-5D-Y, can be implemented and used in routine clinical care as P-PROMs. Renee is supervised by Professor Kim Dalziel and co-supervised by Professor Nancy Devlin and Professor Harriet Hiscock.



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Honours, Awards and Fellowships

  • Australian Government Research Training Program (Stipend), Total $113,400. Stipend of $32,400 per annum for 3.5 years (March 2022-August 2025), and full fee remission.
  • EuroQol Research Foundation PhD Grant (stipend top up and direct research costs), Total €124,858. Grant 330-PHD; Dalziel et al, Evaluation of the EQ-5D-Y as a child PROM in tertiary hospitals for high impact childhood conditions.
  • PROMIS Health Organisation (PHO) conference scholarship, Prague 2022. Total est €1,000. Covered conference fees and accommodation.
  • EuroQol travel scholarship to attend EuroQol Plenary, Chicago 2022. Total est €2,000. Covered accommodation, conference fees, and return flights.
  • Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH) travel scholarship. Total $2,500. Contributed towards accommodation, conference fees, and return flights for IHEA conference 2023, Cape Town.