Knowledge Translation Research and Evaluation

The work we do to support evidence-informed decision-making is often referred to as 'knowledge translation and exchange'. We undertake primary research to establish the most effective ways of generating, translating and sharing knowledge. We focus on understanding what strategies improve access to research evidence, build individual confidence and skills and create supportive organisational cultures necessary for evidence-informed decision-making.

As part of this, our research and evaluation interests include:

  • Identifying the barriers and facilitators to evidence-informed decision-making.
  • Understanding and facilitating the use of systematic reviews and other types of evidence for policy and program decision-making.
  • Understanding the information needs and information-exchange practices of public health professionals and other decision makers at the local, state and national level.
  • Understanding the processes of policy and program planning and decision-making within public health organisations to determine where research evidence fits into the process.
  • Evaluating the implementation and impact of knowledge translation and exchange strategies and their cost-effectiveness.
  • Exploring the role of knowledge brokering as a strategy to support knowledge translation and exchange.



CO-OPs Collaboration