KT4LG aimed to examine a program of knowledge translation (KT) strategies to increase the use of research evidence in informing public health decisions in local governments.


KT4LG was a cluster randomised controlled trial funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). The study was designed to assess the effectiveness of knowledge translation strategies for public health decision-making in local government. Through a research-practice partnership this study aimed to identify, implement and evaluate strategies to support councils in using research evidence for public health decision-making, in the context of obesity prevention.

Twenty eight councils across Victoria participated in this study and were randomly allocated to receive one of two interventions:

  1. Access to online evidence summaries.
  2. Access to a facilitated program of support designed to support evidence-informed decision making.

The intervention began in November 2009 and ran until the end of October 2011.

Research Team

Dr Rebecca Armstrong, Academic, Melbourne School of Population and Global Healtharmr@unimelb.edu.au
Dr Tahna Pettman, Academic, Melbourne School of Population and Global Healthtpettman@unimelb.edu.au

Additional Investigators

Boyd Swinburn  
Laurence Moore  
Maureen Dobbins  
Laurie Anderson  
Mark Petticrew  
Rachel Clark  
Rebecca Conning  
Marj Moodie  
Robert Carter  


  • Waters E, Armstrong R, Swinburn B, Moore L, Dobbins M, Anderson L, Petticrew M, Clark R, Conning R, Moodie M. An exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial of knowledge translation strategies to support evidence-informed decision-making in local governments (The KT 4 LG study). BMC Public Health. 2011; 11, 34.
  • Armstrong R, Waters E, Dobbins M, Anderson L, Moore L, Petticrew M, Clark R, Pettman T, Burns C, Moodie M, Conning R and Swinburn B. Knowledge translation strategies to improve the use of evidence in public health decision making in local government: intervention design and implementation plan. Implementation Science 2013; 8, 121.