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Trachoma Story Kit Development

The Trachoma Story Kit was launched in August 2010 and since then, more than 850 Kits have been distributed and used in a concerted effort to eliminate trachoma in Australia. Kits are used in clinics, schools and community workplaces in the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales to provide clear and consistent messages about trachoma, how it is spread and how everyone can help to eliminate it.

History of the Goanna

In 2008, graphic designer Lily McDonnell was approached by Center for Eye Research Australia (CERA) to create a mascot character to help promote healthy eyes to children in the Northern Territory. What resulted was a cheery-eyed, green and orange goanna which went to the optometrist and washed its face everyday.

Following the overwhelming popularity of the goanna’s healthy eyes promotional materials, in 2009 Indigenous Eye Health (IEH) at The University of Melbourne organised for the use of the goanna logo to endorse their Trachoma educational campaign.

Lily was then commissioned to rework the design to appeal to the community as whole and the “Children’s Eye Health” goanna became the “Trachoma” goanna. The resulting “Trachoma Story Kits” have become widely used in schools, clinics and many communities as an educational resource.

Now known as Milpa the Goanna, it has become a mascot for healthy eyes and good health across the Northern Territory.

To preserve the future integrity of Milpa the Trachoma Goanna and all the organisations associated with its projects we must retain artistic control over its use. Other organisations are able to use the Goanna logo and its associated materials and Style guidelines are available to maintain its visual presentation and re-enforcing its brand recognition and messages if used by other agencies.

IEH requests that organisations that want to use the Goanna logo seek 'permission to use' and adhere to the associated 'style guidelines'  which can be found on the 'Get Involved' page.

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